Hi i'm Chris. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.
I created Makenweb.com as a parent domain for my creations. After starting the Maken it so  youtube channel i needed a place to keep all my projects visible for anyone that would use them.

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Midi tune generator

December 30th 2020

Can't write a new tune?

Try my midi generator, maybe it can make your next hit

Floating planets robot joint

December 29th 2020 (from April 15th 2019)

This was one of those projects that you get in your head and at some point just have to do it

AVXcheck - Check your CPU for AVX support

August 17th 2020 - Version 1.0

Source code on GitHub

Download 8KB

Spleeter uses an AI engine called tensorflow. The version included with spleeter requires a CPU that supports the AVX instruction set otherwise it fails with error "DLL load failed".
This is a simple test tool that will determine if your computer's CPU has AVX.
The result appears as a simple YES or NO

SpleeterGUI - Music source separation desktop app

November 9th 2020 - Version 2.9

Spleeter is a Music Source Separation utility that can split a song in to it's separate parts.
This can be useful for restoring old vinyl recordings or cutting samples for remixing.

I have bundled a windows build of my GUI and the python/spleeter project to make it easy for download and run.

Supported languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

Intel Pentium & Celeron CPU's cannot run spleeter

No need to install python or spleeter, this app contains a portable version of python pre-loaded with spleeter.

If you are not running an intel i5/7/9 or Ryzen 5/7 or unsure if your CPU supports AVX, please use the AVXcheck utility (above) before trying to install spleeter.

SpleeterGUI Download page


August 18th 2019

6/09/2019 Updated - enemy can fire, take multiple hits. Player can take hits too.

An FPS game with some of the post-processing juice of AAA games. don't let the bugs bite!
Made using "Easy FPS" and ProGrid/Probuilder.
Post-processing layer includes Bloom, Ambient Occlusion, Depth of field and Vignette.

Click here to play online  Or  download for PC (31 MB)

Regular FPS controls. There's no point to this game, just shoot stuff :)
Fullscreen recomended.


August 16th 2019

A thrown together game testing out first person shooter style gameplay using a free unity asset called "Easy FPS" and of course those frickin smiley balls!.

Click here to play

Regular FPS controls. There's no point to this game, just shoot stuff :)
Fullscreen recomended.


August 15th 2019

After an intensive 5 day course on making games with unity this is my first game. It's been rendered as an HTML5 application so i guess it goes to show that unity realy has thought of everything :)

Use keys Q W E R T to fire difference colors: key map is in top left corner of game.

Click here to play


A free HTML5 application to make your 3D Printer write handwritten text easily by adding a pen to your printer.


Project ideas for the modern DIY workshop.
The videos i post here will be a showcase of whats possible with a few pieces of technology and some know how.
This channel is mostly about fun and interesting projects that can be built in a modern workshop.


A collection of CAD designed items for 3D Printing.


My open source code repositories. Anything i can release is here.


I'm just a guy hanging out in Australia doing technical stuff.


I'm sure you can use something from above to contact me ;)