SpleeterGUI - Music source separation desktop app

10/12/2022 - SpleeterGUI v2.9.4.0 (FINAL) released.

This is my last update.

It's been a fun 3 years providing SpleeterGUI but i can no longer sustain the time or bandwidth requirement for this project.
Here are some download stats for this project.

Year      Terabytes of downloads
2022 126 TB
2021 60 TB
2020 10 TB

I am providing this final release for a short time before it is removed from my site early 2023.

ZIP file 629MB
Help & FAQ

Intel Pentium & Celeron CPU's cannot run spleeter

No need to install python or spleeter, this app contains a portable version of python pre-loaded with spleeter.

Version history

Date Version Notes
10/12/2022 2.9.4 Upgraded spleeter to 2.3.1.
Removed core update.
Removed MSI installer.
Removed pretrained models (these will download when you use the app).
5/04/2022 2.9.2 Upgraded spleeter to 2.3.0.
Updated python files, the spleeter core update feature is working again.
30/01/2021 2.9.1 Upgraded spleeter to 2.1.2.
Updated command syntax for latest Spleeter version.
9/11/2020 2.9 Upgraded spleeter to 2.0.1 and python.
31/07/2020 2.8 Upgraded the project to 64bit.
25/07/2020 2.7 Updated help & language files, set paths for python/ffmpeg (use your own python)
4/07/2020 2.6 Recombine: Mix some of the output stems back together (good for drum/piano practice etc)
Multilingual: UI now has Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Russian and Spanish.
10/05/2020 2.5 UI update
Additional help menu items for version check and spleeter core ugrade
Display installed spleeter version on startup
4/05/2020 2.4 Bug fix: Full bandwidth is now properly enabled by default
27/12/2019 2.3 Accessibility update (process button, tab order, access labels and descriptions, ding on complete etc)
24/12/2019 2.2 New windows MSI installer
Drag and drop processing.
21/12/2019 2.0 Interface update
added Batch processing
17/12/2019 1.1 Added High quality/expert mode
19/11/2019 1.0 Initial release

Other resources

Big thanks go to Grant and Brady for making contributions to this GUI project, we wouldn't have a fancy desktop app without you :)