Spleeter GUI - help

The good folks over at Deezer where nice enough to have released Spleeter for anyone to use freely, But python can be tricky to get working.
This Graphical User Interface project was created as a way to make Spleeter easier to use.

Spleeter is a Python application that uses an Artifical Inteligence called Tensorflow. It is quite resource hungry and requires a modern computer to run.

Please do not email Deezer about problems with this project.
If you have any issues that are not resolved by the following help articles please create an issue here https://github.com/boy1dr/SpleeterGui/issues and i'll see if i can help.

Intel Pentium & Celeron CPU's cannot run spleeter
If you are not running an intel i5/7/9 or Ryzen 5/7 or unsure if your CPU supports AVX, please use the AVXcheck utility before trying to install or run spleeter.

Common problems

Frequent questions

Using GPU

Some useful commands

Training spleeter

Requesting assistance

Recomended computer specs

Tested hardware that works fine

Not recomended

How to use

Download and run the installer. Then double click the SpleeterGUI.exe desktop shortcut to run it.

For SpleeterGUI versions prior to 2.6...

The first time it processes a song there will be a delay while spleeter downloads some resource files.
If there are no files in the output folder or you see error messages then something has gone wrong. The most usual case is your computer has not met the minimum requirements to run spleeter.
If you are having troubles, Please check https://github.com/boy1dr/SpleeterGui/issues to see if the anser is there otherwise create a new issue and i'll check it out.